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war doctor tardis fandom powered by wikia - originally young and robust the ninth incarnation of the doctor christened the war doctor by alice obiefune set upon the warrior path for which he had been intended and disavowed the name the doctor though the time lords and daleks continued to refer to him by that name he was also, time war doctor who wikipedia - the time war more specifically called the last great time war is a conflict within the fictional universe of the british science fiction television series doctor who the conflict pitted the time lords against the daleks and culminated in the apparent mutual destruction of both races caused by the doctor in the doctor who continuity the war occurs between the events of the 1996 film and, last great time war tardis fandom powered by wikia - the last great time war was the war between the time lords and the daleks for the sake of all creation tv gridlock in a linear sense it lasted for at least 400 years fought throughout countless time periods however it more accurately lasted an eternity prose engines of war at the, prisoner of war kokomo native doctor survives tet - dr marjorie nelson a kokomo high school graduate was released by the viet cong in vietnam on march 31 1968 after 57 days of captivity she is pictured here talking with her father earl s, the doctor who transcripts the day of the doctor - doctor who episode transcripts outside coal hill secondary school a policeman is on his beat past the sign to i m foreman s scrap yard at 76 totter s lane, doctor neo cortex bandipedia fandom powered by wikia - neo periwinkle cortex neo cortex in japanese most known as doctor neo cortex neo cortex n cortex doctor cortex or simply cortex is a professional evil scientist born in peoria illinois and the main antagonist of the crash bandicoot series he is known as the creator of his, galactic civil war wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - the galactic civil war 0 bby 5 aby was a five year galactic power struggle in which the alliance to restore the republic waged a rebellion against the ruling galactic empire in an attempt to restore democratic rule to the galaxy the origins of rebellion could be traced to the clone wars, the doctor who transcripts army of ghosts - doctor who episode transcripts rose oc planet earth this is where i was born and this is where i died