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troubleshooting http 405 errors after publishing web api 2 - this tutorial describes how to troubleshoot http 405 errors after publishing a web api application to a production web server web api applications typically use several common http verbs get post put delete and sometimes patch that being said developers may run into situations where those, hands on lab real time web applications with signalr - real time web applications feature the ability to push server side content to the connected clients as it happens in real time for asp net developers asp, role based security in asp net mvc 5 web applications - abstract the identityrole class in asp net identity provides some useful features for creating and managing roles in an application this article demonstrates a simple project using asp net identity a major challenge in any web application is implementing its security in traditional web, asp net mvc unit testing using nunit in visual studio - abstract set up nunit in asp net mvc and use the integration points in visual studio to integrate nunit test cases visual studio 2012 comes with a perfectly capable unit testing system in ms test however if your team s skills require you to use alternate testing frameworks like nunit visual, github aspnet signalr incredibly simple real time web - asp net core signalr is a new library for asp net core developers that makes it incredibly simple to add real time web functionality to your applications what is real time web functionality it s the ability to have your server side code push content to the connected clients as it happens in, asp net mvc 5 core web development jquery restful api - asp net core mvc 5 web app development in c jquery plugins restful api web services entity framework, difference between asp net webforms and asp net mvc - one of the frequently asked questions about asp net mvc is that how is different from asp net webforms is asp net mvc a replacement for webforms, the complete asp net mvc 5 course udemy - learn to build fast and secure web applications with asp net mvc 5 the most popular course with 40 000 students